From July 1 to October 1, 2017

Go and surprise the Calengwiriths among the tall grass,
hidden in the corn of the Urbakids maze.

Urbakids - Chemin du Passon 2
1350 Orbe -

All the sculptures are realized by the artist Sara.H.
in collaboration with DeLaPerouze.

Two years ago, the Calengwiriths elected their first home in the forest of Vullierens and a new Ëalacil was born.

This spring, it took flight in search of a suitable place to lay its eggs and give birth to a new people.

If, looking up to the sky, you see it flying over your heads... and if you think you hold the magical secret of a suitable place for it, don't hesitate for a minute.

Wave your arms with all your strength to attract his attention. Maybe that's where the next caterpillars will be born.