The Notebook

The Birth of a Tirith

A few hours before a Tirith is born, the Tinys delicately lower the chrysalis from the branch that has supported it throughout its transformation. They then carry it to a quiet place so that the great Elf can free itself from its cocoon and finally see the sunlight. The Tirith is born alone but attracts […]


Nymph of the waters, Edraÿr protects and advises the elf peoples. She is from here and elsewhere, while being here or elsewhere. She appears or disappears at will, emerging from the waters when she is solicited. The elves call it by blowing into a shell in the manner of a pan flute. Of an unfailing […]

The role of the Tinys

The Tinys are born from the smallest eggs. First of all small caterpillars, they will quickly lock themselves in. in their chrysalises to transform into Tinys. At maturation, the chrysalis unrolls slightly, letting glimpse a frail winged being. Although the tinys grow still a little after they hatch, they rarely go beyond the sixty centimeters. […]

Tiriths and Birds

The mission of the Tiriths is to ensure that the harmony between the songs of the birds is perfect, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the Protective Wave. To do this, they educate the birds, teaching them to modulate their singing. After its birth, a Tirith spends a certain amount of time walking around. in the […]

Children of the Tiriths

The Tiriths, like the Tinys, are born from the eggs of the Giant Butterfly. Their mission is to educate the birds in order to guarantee the stability of the Protective Wave and thus the survival of the planet. But what about their children? Calengwirits have different customs from humans and it is very rare to […]

How the Calengwirith Feed

Tiriths feed on roots or nuts, they eat ripe fruits and enjoy berries from the woods. They appreciate above all the blueberries of the forest. They regularly suck on some flower petals at the end of their meal. Lighter in constitution, the Tinys feed mainly on the nectar of the flowers. They drink the juice […]