Since the dawn of time, our planet has been shrouded...
by a sound wave formed by the various earth resonances.
It forms a kind of cocoon that protects it.
It was called Lindvarya, literally the Wave...
Protector, by the Elves of Yesteryear.
This sound envelope acts as a shield
against aggression from the universe
by harmonizing resonances


The birth of the Ealacils

The Elves lived in symbiosis with our Earth. They provided protection for it,
and took care of its flora and fauna.
That's when the first humans appeared.
The Time of Men had arrived, ending the Time of Elves. The elves would soon join
the Eternal Lands where they would spend the rest of their lives. But before they left, they had to find out...
of the future of their Earth. The elves went to the water's edge to find Edraÿr (the one who opens the way).
She explored the meanders of time to know the future.
What she told them made them shiver. Men, in their lightning evolution,
would dangerously alter the Protective Wave.
Unable to leave without trying anything, the elves gathered in the rainforest. Together they sang.
Their voices merged into a mysterious chant. From this song was born the first Giant Butterfly:
An Ealacil, "he who chooses" in the language of the elves... Then others followed and...
flourished in the Equatorial Forest. The elves assigned them a vital mission...
for the survival of the planet. With their task accomplished, they set sail for one last voyage.
For centuries the Giant Butterflies flew over the world...
from one end to the other, looking like they're waiting for something

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The mission of butterflies

In his conquest of the earth, man was going to change everything. The noise of machines, radio waves,
telephones and satellites designed to subject the world to his vision was going to challenge Lindvarya.
Over the last hundred years, humanity's meteoric development from the plough to the conquest of Mars,
would dangerously shake the Protective Wave, putting its harmony and thus our planet in danger.
It was time to act for the Giant Butterflies.
That's how here and there the alacils came to lay their eggs.
which they had kept in their bosom for ages. These eggs were going to give birth
to a singular people who would be very useful in the future.
The latter is called "Calengwirith", literally the "April Greens".
because its members are born in a very curious way in the last days of March.
and take on a blue-green color as they grow.

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The Tinys

The smallest eggs, the most numerous too, generate
of fragile caterpillars which, after several months spent
in their chrysalides, will become small winged beings,
the Tinys, literally "little stars".
These beings are in charge of domestic management
and the well-being of this strange forest population.
They take care of the protection of caterpillars and eggs
that hatch. They are also the messengers
of their greatest companions.

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The Tiriths

The Tiriths (sentinels) are born from slightly larger eggs.
and far fewer in number. Their role is to keep intact Lindvarya
mishandled by human frenzy.
To accomplish this task, these elves teach the various birds
of the earth to modulate their edges so as to align
the harmonics of the Protective Wave.
The Tiriths, always listening to the Wave, are endowed with a capacity
extraordinary to imitate all the sounds they are given to hear.
They also have the power to understand the language of birds.
This is how they communicate with them.
and teach them the role they have to play.

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The Ëalacils

A single butterfly egg for many
Hundreds of Calengwiriths' eggs, such is the rule.
Thus the third category of caterpillars gives birth to
to a giant butterfly, but that in time ...
Once adult, this one will leave in his turn
fulfill its destiny.

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Looking for an ideal location

Having elected for the past two years their first domicile in
In the forest of Vullierens, the Calengwiriths saw the birth of an Ëalacil.
This spring, it took off in search of a place to live.
where to lay your eggs and give
birth to a new people.
So many adventures, looking up to the sky,
you can see it flying over your head...and if you think
hold the magic secret of a place appropriate to his expectations,
don't hesitate a minute. Wave the arms of all
your strengths in order to attract his attention.
Maybe that's where the next caterpillars will be born.

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The Elves of Vullierens

The forest of Vullierens has undoubtedly been chosen, and well chosen,
for its rural and still unspoiled situation, out of human turmoil.
For hundreds, if not thousands of years, this place has been
privileged hosts many species of birds
from the four corners of the world.
An idyllic place for Calengwiriths.
What was not the surprise of the Châtelain of Vullierens
when he came face to face with one of these creatures...
one day he was walking in the forest of the castle.

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