The birth of the Ealacils

The Elves lived in symbiosis with our Earth. They provided protection for it,
and took care of its flora and fauna.
That's when the first humans appeared.
The Time of Men had arrived, ending the Time of Elves. The elves would soon join
the Eternal Lands where they would spend the rest of their lives. But before they left, they had to find out...
of the future of their Earth. The elves went to the water's edge to find Edraÿr (the one who opens the way).
She explored the meanders of time to know the future.
What she told them made them shiver. Men, in their lightning evolution,
would dangerously alter the Protective Wave.
Unable to leave without trying anything, the elves gathered in the rainforest. Together they sang.
Their voices merged into a mysterious chant. From this song was born the first Giant Butterfly:
An Ealacil, "he who chooses" in the language of the elves... Then others followed and...
flourished in the Equatorial Forest. The elves assigned them a vital mission...
for the survival of the planet. With their task accomplished, they set sail for one last voyage.
For centuries the Giant Butterflies flew over the world...
from one end to the other, looking like they're waiting for something

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