The mission of butterflies

In his conquest of the earth, man was going to change everything. The noise of machines, radio waves,
telephones and satellites designed to subject the world to his vision was going to challenge Lindvarya.
Over the last hundred years, humanity's meteoric development from the plough to the conquest of Mars,
would dangerously shake the Protective Wave, putting its harmony and thus our planet in danger.
It was time to act for the Giant Butterflies.
That's how here and there the alacils came to lay their eggs.
which they had kept in their bosom for ages. These eggs were going to give birth
to a singular people who would be very useful in the future.
The latter is called "Calengwirith", literally the "April Greens".
because its members are born in a very curious way in the last days of March.
and take on a blue-green color as they grow.

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