Children of the Tiriths

The Tiriths, like the Tinys, are born from the eggs of the Giant Butterfly. Their mission is to educate the birds in order to guarantee the stability of the Protective Wave and thus the survival of the planet. But what about their children? Calengwirits have different customs from humans and it is very rare to see a child born from their unions. When this happens, the Tirith child has a different vocation. Ealautas (those who create) are creators, inventors, artists. They dawdle across fields, invent strange instruments, draw on stones and pieces of bark, and have fun in many ways.

The Tiriths ask them for advice every time they discover a new modulation or when they are confronted with a situation they cannot solve, such as not fully perceiving certain vibrations. The artists make strange instruments for them, rolling leaves around each other until they form a horn for example. Contrary to the Tiriths or Tinys that come out of eggs, the children of the Tiriths have a navel.

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