The role of the Tinys

The Tinys are born from the smallest eggs.
First of all small caterpillars, they will quickly lock themselves in.
in their chrysalises to transform into Tinys.
At maturation, the chrysalis unrolls slightly,
letting glimpse a frail winged being. Although the tinys grow
still a little after they hatch, they rarely go beyond
the sixty centimeters.
From the very first moments, the Tinys know how to use their wings.
Thanks to them they can escape from their cocoon to join the Tiriths.
Instinctively, they know their place in the life of the Calengwirith.
When a Tinys are born, they go in search of a Tirith to take care of,
bringing them food and water, and many other things,
like covers of leaves that they create
to protect them when the wind rises.
The Tinys are also the messengers of the Calengwirith.
They cross the forest on either side to
transmit the messages of the Tirith.


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