Tiriths and Birds

The mission of the Tiriths is to ensure that the harmony between the songs of the birds is perfect, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the Protective Wave.
To do this, they educate the birds, teaching them to modulate their singing. After its birth, a Tirith spends a certain amount of time walking around.
in the forest and the surrounding fields. When he sees a sparrow on a branch, he listens to its song, assimilates all its inflections, perceives the colors and the differences in timbre. Then he repeats them, discovering all the variations he can create.
Thus, during his first years, the Tirith learns to recognize birds by their songs as well as by other signs. This initiation requires a great investment, the Tirith is assisted by the Tinys. The end of his apprenticeship marks his arrival at adulthood. It is then time for him to communicate with the birds and show them how to modulate their singing. The Tirith is looking for a bird whose song needs to be modulated. It will then subtly connect to its consciousness to push it to vary its intonations, while whistling the new tone intermittently, until the bird recreates it.
Sometimes, the Tiriths ask for help from the Ealantas (their children). The latter create listening instruments, sometimes horn-shaped, sometimes flower-shaped, using the leaves, stems, branches they find in the forest. When a Tirith uses one of these instruments, the sound is amplified, allowing him to discover a new spectrum of vibrations.


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